Hey there, I am a 2D game and comic artist who graduated as Master of Arts in Creative Design for Digital Cultures with honours in 2013. I have a natural love for style development for I believe it has the power to increase the strength of a game's IP, which is probably why you will find many different styles in my portfolio. If you want to see what I can add to your team or project: I am open for: Freelance work, temporary and full-time work as 2D artist.

Skills Experience


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • Paint Tool Sai
  • Unity*
  • Maya*
(* some working knowledge)

Most commonly used styles:

  • Cell-shaded
  • Toony
  • Black and white: American comic book, Manga
  • Semi-realistic
  • Sticker/Paper/Fabric style
  • Childeren's illustration book style
  • Fantasy

Other skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Editing for books and comics
  • Cooking and random food facts
Direct contact: vanlaaracm@gmail.com
Resume: LinkedIn

During the past few years I have worked on several game- and comic projects both for clients and my own entertainment. I have mostly worked in smaller teams where I had direct contact with the designers, programmers and fellow artists if present. For the sake of clarity all prototypes and work-in-progress projects have been left out of this list.

Entertainment Games:

Magnetballz (animations, loading screen and signs)

Serious Games:

Stream: An interactive Elevator
River Rivals (Concept art, production, animation, GUI)
Drug Awareness (Concept art, production, animation, GUI)

Advergames and related:

Flavour 2012 Christmas Game (Concept art, production, animation, GUI)
KoekjesKoerier Website promo-clip (Art and animation)


De Ontdekking van de Bodem (visit page)
Paperself (editor/co-artist) (visit page)


Phantom Night (Manager, website, comic and illustration artist)


My full name contains 12 A's in total, I figured screaming "aah" would be easier to remember than my full name, heh. You are sure to turn some heads this way too!
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